Friday, September 25

Battle of the Pies!!! Tonight!!!

Ok, tonight all started with the event shown above... a fundraising square dance party for the festival players, sounds like fun, I don't think I would have totally committed my self to attending this event... until.... they asked me to participate in the pie auction in which I have turned this friendly little fundraiser into.... The Battle of the Pies!!! I love a good competition, even though the other participants probably aren't thinking there competing for the most bids tonight at the auction I am.... I have a kick ass pie and you can quote me on that. I had to hire the help of the county's queen of cakes an cupcakes Krysti Steenburgh (please check out her blog ) Together we created the rice crispy jelly bean pie, by together I mean I came up with the idea and she did all the work, thanks again Krysti. So anyways here's a photo of the pie and a picture of the impending battle. You could wish me luck but, I don't think I need it.
Just kidding there is some competition, I can't wait to see Nell's Pie and Rene's Pie..... But in a Battle you need to be a bit cocky, so ya I'm going win.

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