Monday, December 20

December Draw!!! + a new online store front


Here is the info from Niall's COTD face book page...

Yes, there will be a December Draw! It will be much like the November Draw: if you'd like to win some original COTD art, you can simply type: 'December Draw' underneath the character you've chosen in the Facebook page's photo album. But wait - not yet! There'll be one small difference from last month's draw: this time, if someone's already written 'December Draw' under that character, then it's been 'claimed' for that month's contest. Someone else has beaten you to the punch and you'll have to choose a different one. All this, just to add little more intensity to the game, and to your lives! (Yes, I know none of us actually needs any more intensity, especially this time of the year, but this is just how we're running the experiment this month...). Of course, if someone purchases your selection through Kelly's Shop first, then, again, you'll have to choose another character, if you still want to enter the contest.

So please don't write 'December Draw' under your character just yet. It will 'officially' be okay to do that as soon as you notice that the first of the 'holiday' characters has been posted. So: sometime on Sunday, Dec. 19, the very minute you see a holiday character post, then this month's contest will be open and ready to accept your entry. No 'December Draw' claim will count until then, I'm afraid. Again, this is just to get your pulse racing a little more quickly this time - it's for the sake of the game, alright? Just please remember that 'NA' stands for 'not available' and that that artwork has been sold already, or I can't include it in the contest for some other reason, so if you see those initials in the description under the drawing, please just choose another character.

The actual draw will be taking place on December 31, New Year's Eve, at Angelines Restaurant in Bloomfield, Ontario. Here's the event invite for the supersnazzy party they're hosting that night, so if you live in the area, be sure to get a ticket and come out and dance your cares away (worries for another day)...

For Example...  I chose Bealsy... Now you can't chose him... You have to go write DECEMBER DRAW under one that you want... then no one else can claim it.
Other new news....
My website has been updated with a new store front illustrated by Mr. Niall Eccles.
I love it, there is so much detail, and ferris looks so cute looking out his window.
Thank you Niall for the awesome illustration and thank you Jesse Smith for helping me with all my website needs.

Sunday, December 19

Ode to Ferris and Henry and COTD

Big News!!
1. Ferris and Henry have there own cut out doll post card.  They should be available some time next week!  You can pick them up at the store or print them off the website.

2. Ferris and Henry are going to be a part of character of the day, which means... someday they will be a Character of the Day and once you become a character of the day you live in character of the day land and you might be included in a comic strip where you can interact with other characters....  you may not understand what I am talking about if not check out Niall Eccles web site or his facebook page for character of the day information.
And while I am on the subject of Character of the day here is some more Big News! COTD is now being sold exclusively at Kelly's downtown Picton and on the Kelly's web site in the Character of the Day Section.

The characters have been selling very quickly so if there is one that you are interested in let me know.
With less than one week till christmas COTD would make a great gift!
Also there will be a COTD December draw coming up very soon.... stay posted for more info.

Tuesday, December 7

Let me help you get what you want this Christmas

 This is a reminder that you need to come into the shop before Christmas and fill out your Christmas wish list in the Rolodex on the store counter, near the front of the shop.
Or come in and I will take a picture of you with something that you want for Christmas and I will post the pictues on facebook so that all your friends know exactly what you want for Christmas.  My friend Rene Dick from Scout Design  came up with that genius idea last year and it worked out really well for a lot of people.
 Michael Grills would like a Jibibuts
 Jenny Leigh would like this picture frame and so would I
 Tree-Saw would like this keyboard clutch, they are bran new at the store and really cool
Ms Scarlett would like the glitter wallet in pink.

Saturday, December 4

Christmas in the county... an acoustic gift guide.

I was supposed to do a burger themed gift guide for Steve Purtelle but, the only thing I can find in the store in that theme are erasers... not so exciting... so instead I am doing an Acoustic gift guide...  So in honour of Steve and the best burger in town the acoustic jam I have the acoustic gift guide.

  • Gama-Go guitar picks You get twenty-four hard-charging multicolored guitar toothpicks in this pack. Nosh like a rockstar!

  • Guitar Pan Handler Keep those fingers dancing down the fret board as you plate up another delicious dish.

Friday, December 3

Merry Christmas.... Sarah passed her exam!

My cousin Sarah passed her second round of real estate exams this week. One more exam and she will be Picton's next top real estate agent!! So in honor of Sarah passing her test todays gift guide has a real estate theme......
Sarah has been working with Gail Forcht at Chestnut Park for awhile now, give her a call if you have any real estate questions....
In honor of Sarah here are my top four real estate related gifts....
Good luck on your next exam Ms Sarah!

  • Just dropping in! Sweet, red South African Rooibos tea with a kick of lemon and ginger. 16 individually wrapped certified organic tea bags. by: Blue Q .... The perfect gift for a housewarming.
  • Key Toppers - Set of 3 (House, Lock and Car) perfect for keeping new home buyers organized.... or real estate agents.  

  • Postcarden Garden Escape to your allotment without ever leaving your desk and harvest your own crop in a matter of weeks (no wellies required!). Gardening is great for the soul and tending your own tiny patch will be rewarding and therapeutic. Our allotment PostCarden will brighten any desktop, windowsill or sideboard. It is enjoyable for all ages all year round.  This would be a perfect way for Sarah to send a thank you note to her first home buyers.... it's super cute and very original.
  • And a Gift for Sarah after she completes her final exam... Half Full Glass  It's a great idea as a staff morale booster, a memorable client gift or for a friend that needs a subtle refreshment or attitude adjustment.        
Congratulations again Sarah and thanks for the gift guide theme, I'm proud of you and can't wait to celebrate in January I think this might call for a night of bowling in Belleville with some schooners involved.  xoxo Kelly

Thursday, December 2

Gift Guide for my favorite Robots xoxo

Todays gift guide is brought  to you by my friend Teresa Westervelt.  Check out Tree-saws art.  Anyways the robot theme is actually for her daughter Scarlett, Ms Scarlett loves robots so much that, she has almost become a robot, she talks like a robot sings like a robot and dresses like a robot for Halloween (I have included the picture of Teresa and Scarlett in there robot costumes.
Merry Christmas, to all the little Robots. xoxo

  • Robot USB HubCheck out these cute USB hub robots, that have a similar look to Lego figures. But these little robots are euipped with four USB ports, one at the end of each foot and one at the end of each arm.  
  • CHILLBOTSAre you always on the go and feeling all wound up? Maybe it’s time to kick back, relax, and chill. Pour yourself a nice beverage, drop in a ChillBot, and feel your motor unwind.   
  • YUMBOTS robot cupcake molds YumBots are happy to serve mankind. Just fill their cubic heads with cake batter and set your oven to “stun.” In a few nanomoments you’ll have an entire squad of scifi cupcakes. Made of high-tech silicone and built to last, each ‘Bot has a rotating head for extra android action.   
  • Salt and Pepper Bots Salt & Pepper 'Bots will waddle wherever you tell them to. Wind them up and - like mini Terminators - they'll march across the table to wage war on bland food.
 I would also like to recommend the Robot a Day Blog


Wednesday, December 1

And a monster in a pear tree....

Susanne Larner of Miss Lilly's Cafe here in Picton selected today's gift guide theme...  I thought she might have chosen coffee or maybe tea.... but, no... she chose MONSTERS!
So here is it is Susanne your monster Christmas gift guide.  To get us in the mood for this gift guide I found an awesome animation of the 12 days of Christmas monster style.. 

Now on to the gift giving, monster style....

  • Goon Squad Magnet Set 8 magnets featuring the art of underground cartoonist Charles Burns. They're fridge magnets for twisted minds.  
  • Electric Frankenstein!: High-Energy Punk Rock & Roll Poster Art The most incredible Rock Poster Art Book ever! The first of its kind! Featuring over 180 famous poster arts all under one central theme: Electric Frankenstein posters and record covers! Check it out!

  • Magnetic Monster Battery Eater Wondering what to do with those barely there batteries? Well feed them to the battery monster, of course.  
  •  today is also the first day of Hanukkah and I found a monsterish gift on Etsy it's the Dreidel Libre Print This is a print of an original acrylic painting by Jaime Temairik. This is one of twelve in a series of Holiday Monsters.

Tuesday, November 30

Merry Christmas Genoa City.... It's the Young and the Restless Gift Guide!

My friend Jenny from the Acoustic Grill  here in Picton selected today's gift guide theme.... Young and the Restless.  I was more than happy to do this for her because I have been an avid Y&R watcher for years... and so have quite a few of my friends. One of my favorite face book pages is Restless Style named after the tabloid magazine Billy Abbott runs on the show.  There is also an online version of Restless Style, a subscription might make a cheep and fun Christmas gift for a loved one... just a thought....

  1. First item is the Gentle Fawn Key Top worn by Phillis Newman on the show shortly after Nick got out of jail..... he was framed for murder by his brother Adam.... it's a long story.
  2. Speaking about Adam Newman I have found the perfect gift... Liar Breath Spray! It enhances even the most pathetic lies! 
  3. And for everyones favorite mustache the Keeping Score Water Bottle by - Blue Q.  Victor Newman needs a couple of these water bottles to keep track of all of his enemies, frenemies and wives at this point.

Sunday, November 28

A Dinosaur Christmas Guide

Today was the Santa clause parade in Picton and the November Draw.  The creator of Character of the Day and coordinator of the November draw Mr Niall Eccles chose todays gift guide theme.... Dinosaurs!!
So here is what Kelly's Shop has for Dinosaur lovers....

  • Fossiliced Dinosaur Ice Cube Tray. Turn your next cocktail party into a success of epic proportion - well, at least you can add fun to your drinks and make 'em the toast of the party with dinosaur fossil ice cubes.
  •  Wishosaurus Candle Holder. A little-known cousin of the stegosaurus, the Wishosaurus has returned to wish you a very happy birthday.  Celebrate your birthday with the wishosaurus, and you'll have a party of Jurassic proportions. Plus he’s a great playmate for the other 364 days as well! 

  • The Dragon Scout Green EditionVinyl toy by Amanda Visell.The Dragon Scout is here!  Based off of Amanda's sold out wood sculpture this dragon is ready to earn badges and eat people.  About 7 inches, Limited to 600 pieces. Each dragon comes with bonus fire and girl!        
As well I have included the winning COTD won by Mr Andrew McLuhan.... Congratulations!!

Saturday, November 27

A wood lovers Christmas gift guide

My last post was a white Christmas... Today's post is a wood Christmas.
For those that love 100% wooden gifts, this guide is for you.

    • Wooden Postcard - Blank for your message carve your own card in solid wood! This wooden postcard comes blank for your own message. Made from soft, lightweight wood, the Carve card is easy to personalise. Just scratch your design (with keys or similar) into the card and mail it! A truly unique card to send to someone you love ...
    • Gama-Go and Tim Biskup's Deathbot is back in a retro-style wooden toy as a Gothic Undertaker! This limited edition Undertaker Deathbot dons a debonair top hat and long coat and watches over our passed loved ones. Measuring 5 inches tall, the Deathbot is packaged in a collector- friendly window box.
    • Noferin continues to bring fine quality wooden figures to your door with their adorable blindbox series, the Jibibuts. Fun for adults and children alike!
      There are 12 characters to collect plus two super secret rare Gold and Silver editions packed randomly. Sizes range from 2.5 - 3.5 inches. Made from sustainably harvested rubber wood.

    I have also included pics from Noferin's We Heart Wood  custom Jibibuts show at Munky King. I love the tree shelves they built for the show and the custom jibibuts are awesome! Lots of really cute ones, I of course love the cat one.  An awesome gift, I think... would be some Jibibuts and a handmade shelf to put them on... just a thought and maybe a hint.

    Friday, November 26

    A White Christmas

    Todays Christmas gift guide theme was selected by: Ms Chrissy Poitras of spark box studio.

    The theme is White.
    • A white Trompe L'oeil Vase by Fred Add some class to your glass. Here’s the perfect way to turn an ordinary water glass into a visually unique vase. Trompe L’Oeil starts out as a flat version of a traditional vase. Just bend the shapely metal silhouette into position over a table edge, and stash a boring glass of water behind it. Voila! Your fresh-picked blooms get water, and you get a real cool optical illusion.
    • A white MARY SALT OR PEPPER GRINDER The perfect accoutrement to your dining table, a Mary salt & pepper grinder. Made from plastic, the top half rotates to grind the spice of your choice. Measures approximately 8 inches tall
    • .A white set of M-Cups M-Cups are a set of Matryoshka Russian Nesting Doll Measuring Cups: Set of 6 dry-measure cups Shaped (and nests) like matryoshkas or Russian nesting dolls
    • A white Cuckoo Deconstructed Clock This small wall-mount clock takes its basic shape from the iconic cuckoo clock. But it’s not made out of wood and there’s no chirping bird jumping out. It’s subtle and modern, but warm and nostalgic at the same time.
    I have also included a photo of the kind of house I can picture all of these white presents in....probably under a white christmas tree wraped in white christmas paper... just a thought.
    Most likely you know someone who's favorite colour is white or someone who likes cuckoo clocks, baking, the virgin Mary or vases....

    Thursday, November 25

    Top three gifts for twilight fans, from Kelly's DTP

    I know this seems a bit far fetched, but I asked my friend Nell for a gift guide theme and she chose Twilight.... Which was a bit of a challenge but, not impossible. I found 3 great gifts for all the Twihards on your shopping list.
    1. For Team Edward I have the Cold Blooded Vampire Fangs Ice Tray
    2. For Team Jacob... (this one was harder) I found a werewolf block the XYZ BLOCKS the alternative to ABC
    3. For Bella fans I found the tunes for two headphone splitter. You and your sweetheart can cuddle up and listen to your favorite love songs from the twilight soundtrack with the Tunes for Two.
    So there it is, my top three gift giving ideas for Twilight fans. If anyone else has a gift guide theme, let me know and i will try and take on the challenge. I am going to try and do a top three gift guide everyday till Christmas with a different theme each day.
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