Friday, November 6

New this Week!

Hi there it's felt like a long week here at Kelly's downtown Picton, even though I've been quite busy, changing the window from Halloween to winter (not Christmas yet). I have also had a couple of orders arrived one from dci a lot of stocking stuffer type stuff. I also got in some beautiful sweaters form Nick and Mo And the nicest surprise was this morning checking out my twitter, (I'm new to twitter but, I'm totally loving it) anyways this morning i found a new Kelly cut out doll Niall Eccles made it was such an awesomely cute surprise. Thanks Niall.
Just to forewarn everyone, next week at the shop things are going to be quite exciting, the store is getting an exterior face lift! I've atached a before picture so you can have some Idea of what I'm talking about when I put up the after picture. And I've already been working with Sean Bokencamp and Niall on the Christmas window display. I'm looking forward....

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