Thursday, March 10

Pug Month

There is a face book page for Prince Edward County Pig Month
"2010 marked the first year that Prince Edward County celebrated the pig by designating the month of March "Pig Month". 
This year, we are doing the same, encouraging all establishments that serve or sell local pork to shout it out and celebrate the swine!"

Lets just change the i to a u and walah it's PUG Month pugs are way cuter and they need to be celebrated too.

I have two pugs at my house this month,  Piggy and Frenchie, Frenchie is staying with us for 2 weeks while her family goes on a March break vacation.
Pugs are hilarious, and friendly and cute.
which is why they have there own club with there own parties.
This months party is on the 20th it's the Pug Paddy Day party
The Toronto events are created by the pugalug Rescue 

What Is Pugalug Rescue? 

Pugalug Pug Rescue is a bridge between a pug's past life and its future forever home. It is a group of volunteers who are committed to helping rescued pugs by providing medical care, loving attention, comfort, food, companionship and a forever home. It is a process whereby the pug's needs are paramount both during its time in the rescue process and when its ideal adoptive home is being determined. 

We went to the halloween party and had the best time EVER.....
Frenchie dressed up like a pink hippo and Piggy was a cop.

Celebrate the PUG!!

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