Saturday, June 4

Character of the day features Kelly's Shop!!

I am actually just sharing Niall Eccles Character of the Day blog it's pretty much cheating.... but, I just wanted to share it.  so with my best intentions here is Niall's Blog.

"Hey, do you remember the Character Of The Day for Nov. 16, 2010? I'm sure you don't, but it was 'Ferris' - the first character in a 'Kelly's Shop' series (as seen below). Well, now we're finally getting around to meeting the rest of the characters in that series, for today's Character Of The Day is the second in the series: Henry! (Also seen below)."

"If you've been following my COTD project for a while, you've probably seen me mention Kelly's Shop quite a bit. That's because it's an actual shop in Picton, Ontario, owned by my friend Kelly Roblin. Kelly sells a lot of  COTD artwork (sometimes originals, currently prints) through her store, but that's not why it's an amazing place. No, Kelly's Shop is nothing less than a world of wonders unto itself. It's a gathering place, a hipster hideaway, a crafter's den, a small dog game preserve, a collector's paradise, a way-back knick knack shack, a demonic sock-hop, an illegal speakeasy, a secret celebrity rehab clinic, and the fashion capital of Prince Edward County.

Anyway, I thought it'd be cool to have a Character Of The Day series set in the magical land that is Kelly's Shop. So if you're inclined to hang around this week, you should end up meeting a few characters from in and around the happeninest shop in town..."


Please check out Niall's facebook fan page to see more characters of the Day including Shop bot at Kelly's

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