Monday, December 20

December Draw!!! + a new online store front


Here is the info from Niall's COTD face book page...

Yes, there will be a December Draw! It will be much like the November Draw: if you'd like to win some original COTD art, you can simply type: 'December Draw' underneath the character you've chosen in the Facebook page's photo album. But wait - not yet! There'll be one small difference from last month's draw: this time, if someone's already written 'December Draw' under that character, then it's been 'claimed' for that month's contest. Someone else has beaten you to the punch and you'll have to choose a different one. All this, just to add little more intensity to the game, and to your lives! (Yes, I know none of us actually needs any more intensity, especially this time of the year, but this is just how we're running the experiment this month...). Of course, if someone purchases your selection through Kelly's Shop first, then, again, you'll have to choose another character, if you still want to enter the contest.

So please don't write 'December Draw' under your character just yet. It will 'officially' be okay to do that as soon as you notice that the first of the 'holiday' characters has been posted. So: sometime on Sunday, Dec. 19, the very minute you see a holiday character post, then this month's contest will be open and ready to accept your entry. No 'December Draw' claim will count until then, I'm afraid. Again, this is just to get your pulse racing a little more quickly this time - it's for the sake of the game, alright? Just please remember that 'NA' stands for 'not available' and that that artwork has been sold already, or I can't include it in the contest for some other reason, so if you see those initials in the description under the drawing, please just choose another character.

The actual draw will be taking place on December 31, New Year's Eve, at Angelines Restaurant in Bloomfield, Ontario. Here's the event invite for the supersnazzy party they're hosting that night, so if you live in the area, be sure to get a ticket and come out and dance your cares away (worries for another day)...

For Example...  I chose Bealsy... Now you can't chose him... You have to go write DECEMBER DRAW under one that you want... then no one else can claim it.
Other new news....
My website has been updated with a new store front illustrated by Mr. Niall Eccles.
I love it, there is so much detail, and ferris looks so cute looking out his window.
Thank you Niall for the awesome illustration and thank you Jesse Smith for helping me with all my website needs.


  1. Kelly's is so freakin cute!.....umm and yes that is all i wanted to say i think your store is pretty cool- I've only been their once but i have been meaning to go back. So is it hard to run a store?, have you fired anyone yet? I also think that you guy's at kelly's have great idea's like those cut out dolls are really inventive, when i go to kelly's i better get an other one.

    Celeste, age 13, Milford

  2. Hi Celeste,
    Thanks for leaving a comment. I'm happy you think the store is cool... I hope you come back I will give you more cut out dolls for sure.
    Its not too hard running a store, most of the time its a lot of fun. I have never fired anyone because I have never had any staff to fire I work most of the time other wise my mom or one of my friends are here helping out.
    Thanks again, I hope to see you soon.


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