Sunday, December 19

Ode to Ferris and Henry and COTD

Big News!!
1. Ferris and Henry have there own cut out doll post card.  They should be available some time next week!  You can pick them up at the store or print them off the website.

2. Ferris and Henry are going to be a part of character of the day, which means... someday they will be a Character of the Day and once you become a character of the day you live in character of the day land and you might be included in a comic strip where you can interact with other characters....  you may not understand what I am talking about if not check out Niall Eccles web site or his facebook page for character of the day information.
And while I am on the subject of Character of the day here is some more Big News! COTD is now being sold exclusively at Kelly's downtown Picton and on the Kelly's web site in the Character of the Day Section.

The characters have been selling very quickly so if there is one that you are interested in let me know.
With less than one week till christmas COTD would make a great gift!
Also there will be a COTD December draw coming up very soon.... stay posted for more info.

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