Wednesday, December 1

And a monster in a pear tree....

Susanne Larner of Miss Lilly's Cafe here in Picton selected today's gift guide theme...  I thought she might have chosen coffee or maybe tea.... but, no... she chose MONSTERS!
So here is it is Susanne your monster Christmas gift guide.  To get us in the mood for this gift guide I found an awesome animation of the 12 days of Christmas monster style.. 

Now on to the gift giving, monster style....

  • Goon Squad Magnet Set 8 magnets featuring the art of underground cartoonist Charles Burns. They're fridge magnets for twisted minds.  
  • Electric Frankenstein!: High-Energy Punk Rock & Roll Poster Art The most incredible Rock Poster Art Book ever! The first of its kind! Featuring over 180 famous poster arts all under one central theme: Electric Frankenstein posters and record covers! Check it out!

  • Magnetic Monster Battery Eater Wondering what to do with those barely there batteries? Well feed them to the battery monster, of course.  
  •  today is also the first day of Hanukkah and I found a monsterish gift on Etsy it's the Dreidel Libre Print This is a print of an original acrylic painting by Jaime Temairik. This is one of twelve in a series of Holiday Monsters.

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  1. I have sent those charles burns magnets as houswarming gifts to two people - they are so great!


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