Tuesday, November 30

Merry Christmas Genoa City.... It's the Young and the Restless Gift Guide!

My friend Jenny from the Acoustic Grill  here in Picton selected today's gift guide theme.... Young and the Restless.  I was more than happy to do this for her because I have been an avid Y&R watcher for years... and so have quite a few of my friends. One of my favorite face book pages is Restless Style named after the tabloid magazine Billy Abbott runs on the show.  There is also an online version of Restless Style, a subscription might make a cheep and fun Christmas gift for a loved one... just a thought....

  1. First item is the Gentle Fawn Key Top worn by Phillis Newman on the show shortly after Nick got out of jail..... he was framed for murder by his brother Adam.... it's a long story.
  2. Speaking about Adam Newman I have found the perfect gift... Liar Breath Spray! It enhances even the most pathetic lies! 
  3. And for everyones favorite mustache the Keeping Score Water Bottle by - Blue Q.  Victor Newman needs a couple of these water bottles to keep track of all of his enemies, frenemies and wives at this point.

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