Thursday, November 25

Top three gifts for twilight fans, from Kelly's DTP

I know this seems a bit far fetched, but I asked my friend Nell for a gift guide theme and she chose Twilight.... Which was a bit of a challenge but, not impossible. I found 3 great gifts for all the Twihards on your shopping list.
  1. For Team Edward I have the Cold Blooded Vampire Fangs Ice Tray
  2. For Team Jacob... (this one was harder) I found a werewolf block the XYZ BLOCKS the alternative to ABC
  3. For Bella fans I found the tunes for two headphone splitter. You and your sweetheart can cuddle up and listen to your favorite love songs from the twilight soundtrack with the Tunes for Two.
So there it is, my top three gift giving ideas for Twilight fans. If anyone else has a gift guide theme, let me know and i will try and take on the challenge. I am going to try and do a top three gift guide everyday till Christmas with a different theme each day.

1 comment:

  1. Great job Kelly! As a Twilight fan I think all these gifts would be great!


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