Wednesday, November 24

Christmas Gifts for Cat Lovers xoxo

Do you have to buy a present for someone and you know that they Love cats? Maybe all you know about this person is that they have cats...
No fear I am here to point out a few gifts that are perfect for the cats and the cat lovers in your life....

First a gift for a cat lover of any age group the Andy Warhol so many stars address book

Second idea is great for a cat lover that loves to groom the kitty nail brushes by: Pylones.

And third is an idea for the cat in your life... it's the CATALAC CAT PLAYHOUSE by suck UK.

I love cats. I actually have 5 cats... there I said it.... now, get over it.
I love them all, I have Turtle a tabby, George a black Persian, Sushi a maincoon, Abby also a maincoon and Lump a munchkin x scotishfold.

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