Tuesday, November 9

chrissy and lookbook.nu

What is lookbook.....
A lookbook is a collection of photographs compiled to show off a model, a photographer, a style, or a clothing line.[1] It is an especially popular term with "fashion bloggers" and is even the name of a website: (Lookbook.nu).[2][3][4]
Lookbooks in their online form can be described as "fashion diaries" because bloggers are constantly updating them on a daily or weekly basis.[5] However, sometimes they are made to compile the looks of other people such as a celebrity, politician or socialite.[6] They can also be used as an artist's portfolio.

With that out of the way I would like to show you my friend Chrissy's lookbook page http://lookbook.nu/chrissypoitras

Chrissy has been wearing a lot of clothes from my store and looking fantastic in them. We have been getting together on Fridays with photographer Michael Grills and having fun helping Chrissy with her look book photos.

Chrissy is the co-owner of spark box studio http://www.sparkboxstudio.com/ in Picton and a good friend. Thanks Chrissy!!

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